Find The Time To Deal With Anxiety

Are you time poor?

I certainly am and that used to be my excuse for not dealing with my anxiety.

Here you are about to learn about the concept of dead time (which we all have), and how you can take advantage of this time to deal with anxiety.

What is dead time and how can you use it to deal with anxiety

We all are time poor and it may be quite difficult for us to put aside some time in our day for practicing the techniques that will help us to deal with anxiety.

If you’re like me, you’re maybe running a hectic life, with demanding schedules and a hell lot of commitments. You may think that you can’t even have 15’ to do something to drop anxiety levels and restore your energy.

I had the same problem too; till I found out about the concept of dead time. But what’s dead time anyway? In simple words it’s time spent on repetitive activities that don’t require too much focus from our side; such us commuting time, waiting time etc.

Deal with anxiety for good

If you want to effectively deal with anxiety it’s essential to practice some kind of relaxation every day.  Anxiety didn’t set up in one day and it won’t go away in one day either. Giving yourself just 15’ every day to practice any of the AntiAnxietyWaves techniques is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety for good and live the life you deserve.

Day by day you will find anxiety level dropping and the best part is that it will be dropping for good. Eventually you’ll get done with it forever. If you ever get caught up again in the vicious cycle of anxiety, you’ll know what you have to do; and since you broke out of that cycle once you’ll be confident you can make it again.

Create your own anti-anxiety routine

In order to deal with anxiety for good you have to establish your own anti-anxiety routine. You don’t have to do anything huge; neither have you to abandon any of your commitments. You just have to spot 15’ of dead time in your daily schedule and take a couple of small baby steps day by day. Do that and you’ll be amazed by the results!

Your first step for dealing with anxiety

So let’s first start by revising your schedule. You can download a sample schedule in excel or pdf format by right clicking on these links below and choosing Save as:

Use this this schedule to map your dead time. Some examples of dead time are:

  • Commuting to work on the train or the bus
  • Waiting to pick up kids from school, football, piano class etc.
  • Walking to the shops
  • Watching some boring TV show

Mark your dead time activities with yellow, as you can see in the sample schedule you just downloaded.

Great, now that you’ve spotted some dead time in your schedule it’s time to make your personal session planner. Plan one week ahead, and use this schedule to tick your sessions. You have to make yourself accountable for actually doing these sessions and ticking the completed sessions works miracles. I cannot stress how important is that; by putting your plan down on paper (or on your computer) and ticking the completed sessions you are making yourself accountable sticking to your plan.

Important tip

It’s very important to establish a cue to act as a reminder for you to start your anti-anxiety session. For example if you commute by train, the cue could be taking our seat. After you are seated you put your mp3 player on and treat anxiety by listening to your favorite anti-anxiety relaxation session.

Action Steps

Although it may seem hard, you can successfully deal with anxiety given the right information and techniques. Learn more at the how to deal with anxiety page, read the PDF guide, listen to the anti-anxiety recordings at your dead time and you’ll be amazed by the results.
Deal with anxiety with Bill Valandreas
 By Bill Valandreas

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