Stress – SIX Times More Dangerous Than Cigarette Smoking But…

Did You Know that Chronic Unmanaged Emotional STRESS is SIX Times More Dangerous than Cigarette Smoking?

Research conducted by Dr. Hans Eysenck  and colleagues at the University of London  have shown that  chronic unmanaged emotional stress  is as much as six times more predictive  of cancer and heart disease  than cigarette smoking,  cholesterol level or blood pressure.

Hopefully stress and anxiety are much more responsive to intervention.

One of the key aspects on relieving stress is Relaxation

Relaxation restores all three aspects of your being…

On the Physical aspect
  • Give your heart a break by reducing your it’s beat rate
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase you energy level, do more things with less effort
  • Have less headaches and body soreness


On the Emotional aspect

  • Smooth out harsh feelings by gaining distance from them
  • Cultivate feelings of well being
  • Deplete Anxiety, Anger, Sorrow or Regret
  • Become more mindful

On the Mental aspect

  • Increase mental clarity
  • Get more focused
  • Improve your concentration
  • Become more efficient on problem solving


Learning to relax is much more easier than you may think…

Did you know that you can use a proven sound technology to boost your relaxation and the best of all you can use it for FREE!

This technology uses some especially engineered frequencies embedded into ambient music designed to resonate with your brain waves  guiding you effortlessly in deep and blissful relaxation

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