Simple Techniques To Relief Stress And Anxiety At Work

Work environment has become a major source of stress these days. Of course a certain degree of stress is healthy, it makes us get out of bed drives us to achieve. The point is how can we create a healthy balance of stress because too much stress and anxiety is certainly harmful to our health and well-being?

Here are 10 simple ideas for relieving stress and anxiety at work.

Tune Into Your Body

It’s the key to the other stress and anxiety relief techniques that I am about to share with you.  By being aware of the degree of stress that we’re experiencing, we can timely respond to a stress building situation.

Breath 7-11

Take some 7-11 breaths, inhaling through the nostrils counting to 7, hold the breath for a second and exhale slowly through the mouth to the count of 11.

Drink Water

Since water is a great quencher of anxiety and almost 75% of us are chronically dehydrated, do yourself a favor by drinking one glass per hour. It will also help you clean your body of stress & anxiety toxins

Stretch & Move

Movement is a great way to reduce stress levels. Just by getting out of your seat and moving around you will find that you will feel a measure of stress and anxiety relief. A quick walk and maybe some stretching during your lunch break will keep your stress levels in control.

Use Your Imagery

This is another great way to bring stress and anxiety relief into the workplace. Just take a moment or two imagining that you are somewhere else. Hear the sound of the wind through the leaves, create the vivid colors of the sky in your mind, smell the fresh air through your mind nostrils. Go there today.

Challenge Your Irrational Thoughts

Be aware of your inner voice and the messages that it is sending to you. Often these thoughts are based on previous mind conditioning and the thoughts will be harmful and create unnecessary levels of stress. For example if you are under pressure to get something done by a particular time you may find yourself thinking” I must get this done or else I’m fired and I’ll need to find another job!” This is probably not the case and if it is then you’re probably better looking for another job anyway…

Plan Work Into Smaller Manageable Tasks

A large tasks can be overwhelming and may need to be broken down into simpler easier to complete jobs. Give yourself a reward for completing the smaller task and sooner or later the whole project will be completed.

Reduce Sugar & Caffeine Intake

Have you ever seen a two-year old completely wired after chomping through a few cookies or drinking cola? Well that’s exactly what happens to all of us when we take in too much sugar or caffeine. However, unlike the nipper at home we can’t very well run around the office making airplane noises, we just carry the excess stress.

Blow Off Steam (Fairly)

Don’t think that you can’t vent a little, but just remember words spoken in anger can haunt you for a long time if they’re read or overheard by the wrong person. Don’t put anything in email you don’t want the whole office to see.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation can result to physical, mental or emotional exhaustion. These kind of exhaustion can make us over-sensitive to our environment stimuli boosting our anxiety levels.

Remember that it’s OK to feel stress when we leave our comfort zone. Some stress must be endured as we are expanding our horizons, learning new tasks and taking new responsibilities. This kind of stress may not be much fun right now, but in the long run, it’s worth it!

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