• Madiha

    Reply Reply August 25, 2015

    i just had a panic attack irnfont of my teacher and parents we had a meeting and i was falling behind on college work and i just felt sick and dizzy and was so panicky and sweat i had to run out the room wanted to be sick but i just couldn’t i cried so badly and i only 17 yrs old all this stress in my life i can hold it all in exams and deadlines and subjects i hate but forced to study makes it even worse. someone please read this and give me advice

    • Bill Valandreas

      Reply Reply August 27, 2015

      I know, it’s hard to handle all this stress but keep in mind that this is just a phase in your life and things are going to be much better!

      In between if you feel a panic attack is coming don’t try to resist it; resisting engages your flight-or-flight response and makes things worse…

      You can also give a try to the free <5 Day Anxiety Rescue> online course at http://antianxietywaves.com/ that will help you cool down your nerves

      Warm regards

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