About Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Hi, I’m Bill Valandreas, dad of three lovely boys, IT executive and entrepreneur.

I would like to share with you the story of my last panic attack and what have I learned from it.

It was back in 2006 when I was walking with my wife and our Sherpa guide at the Annapurna track at the Himalayas.

I’m not an advanced trekker, but I really love going out on the mountains whenever I get the chance.

So, here we were walking above 10.000ft (3.200m) when suddenly I began feeling that something is going wrong.

I was quite short of breath for some time but I thought that it was quite normal because of the high altitude.

My heart was pounding harder and harder and suddenly I felt that I was about to have a heart attack.

No matter how horrible I felt, I didn’t want to upset my wife, so I kept it all to myself.

The situation was getting worse and I finally asked for a break.

I had a few sips of water but the situation didn’t get any better.

I was feeling hopeless.

I knew that we were 5 days walk from the nearest dirt road; then a few hours’ drive to Kathmandu and then another 10.000 miles away from home.

I didn't know what to do; I was feeling hopeless at the end of the world.

My heart was about to explode and I felt that I was about to faint away…

Then, suddenly I took notice of the snow covered mountain tops and the deep blue skies…

Feeling the fresh breeze on my face,  I took a deep breath while deeply accepting what was happeing.

I felt that if this is to be my last day then it's fine with me; I'm in the right place...

It was beyond acceptance; I was even feeling gratitude for the whole situation; even if it was to be my last day I was feeling grateful for everything that life had offered to me so far, till that very moment.

And then magic happened...

All the symptoms drew off; my heart relaxed and my breath return to normal.

I felt a deep, almost blissful relief.

I took my backpack and we carried on...

I didn’t have a single panic attack since…

Of course there is still many times that I’m feeling a lot anxiety; it’s part of being human…

But I accept; I let it happen and I allow myself float through.

It’s much like getting caught by a wave; you don’t fight against it; you allow yourself to relax, accept its impact and allow it to wash you safe on shore…

This aha moment at the Annapurna was not only a gift but a turning point too.

I did a lot of research and experiments that led me to the 5 Day Anxiety Rescue; an online course designed to help you alleviate anxiety fast.

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