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Are any of these feelings familiar to you?

  • Do you ever get caught by non-stopping anxious and irrational thoughts?
  • Have you ever felt so nervous, fearing you might lose control or go insane?
  • Are there times that you feel disconnected from what is going on around you?
  • Do you ever feel short of breath, chest pain, heart palpitations, nausea, almost like fainting or having a heart attack?
  • Are you feeling so nervous and on the edge in situations that never used to bother you before?

These and many others are common symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety usually sets in as a result of some kind of physical, mental or emotional exhaustion. And in many cases this exhaustion comes as a result of some kind of chronic unmanaged stress.

You may already have heard how chronic stress weakens our physical immune system, making us more prone to diseases; the same goes with our emotional and mental “immune system” making us more prone to all these irrational thoughts, worries and fears.

I used to struggle with anxiety for quite some time; for years and years I kept getting in and out of this vicious cycle.

I tried a lot of methods, some worked for me and some didn’t. I kept doing more of what it worked and ditching what it didn’t.

What I found after all these years, is that although it may sound hard, we can successfully learn how to deal with anxiety, given the right information, guidance, and techniques (assuming there is not some kind of pathological condition involved).

You are about to learn a little-known yet effective method that can really teach your brain how to deal with anxiety and even panic attacks naturally, without use of medications.
If you take this method and actually put it in your life, you can reverse anxiety and  start re-enjoying your life again in 30 days or less.

And the best part is that you can practice this method even in your dead time; that’s time spent on repetitive activities, such us commuting time, waiting to pick up kids from school etc.

Does this method work for everybody? Certainly not; nothing works for everybody.

Will this method work for you? Hopefully it will; but you’ll never know until you give it a try.

I don’t know how you landed on this page, but you should consider yourself lucky; you have a great chance to learn how to deal with anxiety naturally today. You may already know that if you don’t take action on treating anxiety, it could get more intense, leading sometimes to frequent panic attacks, or even depression.

We Get Anxious Because of the Way Our Brain Responds

How to train your brain to deal with anxiety

In most cases anxiety is not a physical or mental illness; it usually is a result of an over-sensitized nervous system, making us more susceptible to external and internal stressors.

It’s like having lower back pain, leave it untreated for some time and it will get more and more sensitized leading to a bad back.

The same goes with anxiety, if we leave it untreated, our brain gets over-sensitized and more and more susceptible to irrational thoughts, worries and fears.

The problem gets worse, because as anxiety sets in, it can make us fearful of our own fears, making it even harder to escape from this vicious cycle!

The net result can be generalized anxiety, panic attacks or phobias, affecting our body, our emotions and our mind…

In other words, our sympathetic autonomous nervous system which controls the “fight-or-flight response” gets too hot and out of balance of our parasympathetic autonomous nervous system which controls the “relaxation response”.

So one of the the keys to learn how to deal with anxiety naturally, is to desensitize our brain and balance our sympathetic autonomous nervous system with the parasympathetic one.

How to Train Your Brain for Dealing with Anxiety using Sound Therapy

Deal with anxiety sound therapy
Since anxiety is fueled by the autonomic “fight-or-flight response”  we can hardly control it by just talking to it, as we cannot talk our heart on how to beat or our digestive system on how to process food.

The trick is to work on our autonomic responses indirectly, by training and conditioning how our brain responds to internal and external stimuli!
(Remember Pavlov’s dogs? salivation is also an autonomous response but it can actually be conditioned by training)

And here’s where sound therapy comes into play.

Sound therapy originates from ancient times when shamans were beating their drum not only to enter into altered states consciousness, but also to offer healing to their people.

From the didgeridoo of the Aboriginals of Australia to the Roman Aulus Cornelius Celsus who advocated the sound of cymbals and running water for the treatment of mental disorders, sound vibrations were used from ancient times for healing, by tweaking brain’s activity.

Today we know that a rhythmic sound has the power to alter our brain wave patterns driving the mind into a relaxed or even to a deep meditative state.

Sound therapy can help you alleviate anxiety by re‐training your brain to relax, cooling down your “fight‐or‐flight response” and nurturing your “relaxation response”.

Through sound therapy you are going to lower your general anxiety levels and you will retrain your parasympathetic system by empowering your “relaxation response”.

Measuring anxiety & stress levels to a scale from 1 (totally relaxed) up to 10 (full blown panic attack), you should aim for a normal base level of 3‐4.
When your base level climbs at 6 – 7 you are becoming extreme sensitive to stressors, since a little more stress can blow your anxiety level to a 9 or 10 setting you up for a panic attack.

As an added bonus, by lowering your stress levels you will be more productive and you are going to get more things done in the same time, thus lowering your anxiety levels even more!

The FREE 5 Day Anxiety Rescue online course

You can begin using sound therapy and other powerful techniques to reduce your overall stress and anxiety levels right now. Your goal is to become overall calmer, immunizing yourself day by day from anxious thoughts and panic attacks.

This is much simpler than it sounds, and you can go for it today.



Whether you’re struggling with general anxiety, panic attacks or even phobias, the 5 Day Anxiety Rescue gives you the starting point to deal with anxiety and live the life you deserve.

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